Here at MONIPEDIA, we are commited to solving  the biggest problems in our industry. The lack of good information for market traders.

Our goal is simple. To help traders and investors of all level to make a positive change in their trading history. We strive to give you the best trading strategies and market information.

In fact, we have one of the largest online visitors(learner, traders, investors) on the web today. We provide content for over 100,000+ active visitors.

Our trading strategies and lectures have helped careers, change lives of individual to pro traders, saved thousands of trading accounts,
which you should or will be one of them…

We provide traders with “FREE TRADING SIGNAL” of when to buy and sell.

We provide you with information of brokers giving out “FREE FOREX NO DEPOSIT BONUS”.

We give you information on brokers who are giving out  “BONUS AFTER FUNDING YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT”.

We provide you with  ” FREE PREMIUM TOOLS” that can make 85% impact on your trading.

We noticed some brokers organizing TRADING CONTEST for their users, and they attached rewards and price to it for the winners(cash price, funded trip, cars, trading fund)
So, we will be providing you all the contest information and how you can sign up for it.

MoniPedia are one of the first online platform given visitors “FREE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS” telling you what the market will likely do in future, for you to take chance on it and MAKE PROFIT IN YOUR TRADING.

There are many more features which we will be given to you FREELY on our blog here.


Akabuike Bright


MONIPEDIA offers free and paid courses offline and online,
on Forex Trading, Blogging, Web Design.
These are our Major Focus.
Forex, Stock, Index, Commodity, Bond Trading is our Base…

Akabuike Bright


MONIPEDIA gives traders free and paid trading strategies and indicators that will elevate their trading career to profit.
This strategies have been tested overtime with a positivity outcome of 94% profit  yield.


MONIPEDIA Analyses The Global Financial Market Daily and Give Traders Information On Buy Or Sell.
We provide you with Econiomic News and Happenings that might affect your trades positively or negatively…

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